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The Short:

I’m a video creator living in Hollywood, CA. This website is a collection of my work. It’s a portfolio. It’s a place to share my thoughts via blog. It’s a place to offer my courses. And it’s a place to connect with you. It’s all of my content under one roof. Read how it came together below.


The Rest:

Born and raised in Michigan, I had only left the mitten state a handful of times as a kid. After graduating from Grand Valley State University with a film degree, I thought it might be a good idea to spend a year living somewhere else. So I moved to Seoul, South Korea and taught English. During that time I traveled to five other Asian countries where I got to see and experience some crazy things.

This is when I learned that the world is much bigger than Michigan.

When I came home, I immediately moved to Los Angeles to put my film degree to good use. Like everyone else, I was going to make it big in Hollywood. Well, after a year of struggling to find a steady job and dodging shady internships, I got my first Post Production Assistant job in network television. I met some celebrities, learned the business more, and continued to climb the ladder.

This is when I learned that Hollywood is a long game, not a short game, and that I needed to be doing my own stuff on the side if I wanted to make my dreams to come true.

I knew these three things were true: I liked traveling, I didn’t like LA, and I needed to start making my own video content. So I started taking trips outside of the city and posting videos of the experiences on YouTube. I loved it. California has so much to offer and I was able to grow my skills while seeing it. Around this time people started asking me questions about how I made certain videos and how to become a PA in Hollywood. I decided to put together an extensive how-to guide for the latter question on my old blog. The article blew up. It currently sits at the top of Google results for handful of keywords. I also made a small, free online course where I teach some basic videography tips.

This is when I learned that people online actually care about what I have to say and some of them are even willing to pay for it.

And that’s where I’m at now. I work in television, make my own videos on the side, and teach people basic filmmaking tips online. What’s cool is that I’m finally starting to see a path for myself. For the past couple of years I’ve been swinging blindly, trying different things, and just hoping that something would connect. And now, I’m beginning to see things come together. And that’s why I made this website: To turn my messy, trial and error journey into more of a cohesive story and plan.

Randy Alan Media serves as my portfolio of work. It showcases my travel videos, how-to videos, and some hobby photography. I also want to share what I learn from Hollywood in my blog. Things change here everyday and it’d be fun to write about that. And finally, I really want to get more into teaching. It’s funny, I thought I was done when I left Korea. But I really like creating and sharing. And it turns out that online teaching is a perfect way to do just that.

There’s no ending to this story yet. I hope to continue learning and growing. And I’ll share the rest of the journey here.

Thanks for reading! If you’re in the LA area and ever want to work on a project together, please get in touch with me. I’d love to meet other creators and make some great stuff.


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